Back at This.

This does feel odd, typing to a blog. I did post some time ago in the hopes that I might start something new but as it seems things stopped before they even got started really.

Now I’m restarting something that I had once forgotten.

Ok. To keep this short I’m no good at grammar/spelling so for the most part you will have to bare with the rest of the world. Maybe at some point I’ll show you my true spelling skills and not use a check check. To me writing is something odd, I’ve never really got it, I was never good at it and so this blog is not going to about the great writing that I do, I’m just having fun.

Blog are something, you post your words, ideas, photos and whatever else you might want and people look at it. In many cases blogs are your thoughts on paper, well to me that is how I see them right now. Is I do this more I might come to different feeling about blogs.

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These are the first words I’ve posted to the world. An introduction will follow.

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